Letting Innovation Fly!

Our vision


The aviation industry has often been perceived as being traditional and slow moving when it comes to innovation. Viva Air aims to change that!

Viva Air is Latin America's most innovative airline and we are now actively seeking new technologies and services which add value and cut costs, and creating a substantially increased pace of innovation. 

In a short period of time, Viva Air has become an enabler for economic activity and innovation in Latin America by improved connectivity and new aircraft fleets. For the last number of years, the growth connectivity between Latin America and the rest of the world has been a consistent 7% year on year. By 2034, passenger numbers are expected to have doubled, with the aviation industry adding $322 billion to the regional GDP.

Viva Air are now driving the development of South America’s first aviation startup and innovation ecosystem. Building our base in Medellín, a recent recipient of the title of the World’s most Innovative City, Viva Air Labs will engage passengers, staff, innovators and entrepreneurs in a unique way.  Our co-development sandbox will allow innovators to prototype their products. As their first supportive customer, Viva Air is committed to building Latin American aviation ecosystem supporting regional Aviation and Travel companies to become Globally significant.

At Viva Air Labs we allow innovators to fly with Viva Air!

 “As part of reinventing ourselves daily, Viva Air Labs stands as the caterpillar in the Viva Air group. The fact that we are a relatively young airline but experienced team, gives us the advantage to be agile and embrace change more effectively. We are proud of our modern fleet, our new routes and now of our innovation lab.

We are very excited to be the first airline in the region to launch such initiative that brings innovation from within the airline but also through reliable partnerships. I have no doubt we will achieve wonders together!” Felix Antelo – CEO, Viva Air

"Continuing revolutionising the LCC model with Viva Air Labs allowing Viva Air to become Latin America’s most innovative Airline” Declan Ryan – Executive Chairman, Viva Air Group

“With the proliferation of connectivity, increased travel demand and competition, Viva Air acknowledged the importance of an innovative approach to our business model. Thus, we have committed ourselves to innovation by introducing the VivaAir Labs concept to our strategy, which will give us an opportunity to explore key areas such as Big Data, customer experience personalisation, e-commerce payments etc. All of whom will have a direct impact on the performance of our business and more importantly to the experience of our passengers at every touchpoint of their journey.” Aurelius Noell – CCO, Viva Air