Sandbox: The Airline Tech Test-bed

We can help you get your innovation off the ground


Viva Air Labs has a strong focus on developing a Latin American aviation and travel innovation ecosystem of global significance. We can achieve this by helping startups have their first commercial prototype or help innovators co-develop their ideas to get them to product or service stage.

At Viva Air, we want to talk you if have a solution to one of our key challenges or have innovation and/or technology which can fulfill has at least one of the following:

·       Increase airline revenues

·       Reduce costs or increase efficiencies

·       Lead to increased passenger satisfaction

As Latin America’s most innovative airline, we are making the sandbox transparent and simple, so we can be the first airline to trial innovations. All we ask is for companies to complete a business case. The Viva Air senior management will assess cases at special meeting every 2 months so that you get a quick response. Email the application to